April 1st,2010- Before Imperial Republic was even born, the USRA was known as builders for the Validus. Then, Necronites craeted his own colony, and left Ezmo1999 in charge of it. Then, the HQ for the builders was turned into the city of Empromconor Necronites Cillage(Empromconor means powerful, and Cillage means City). At that time, the VE was at war with the United Clans of Robloxia, owned by pepper0. The IR surrendered to the UCoR. Pepper0 saw that they were being traeted with unfairness. He helped us write a Declaration of Indpendence. Then, many nations agreed. That was when we were born. 2 months later, we won the war with VE. Then, we started presidental elections, making capitals, cities, and forts

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